Versatile 4WD Series

Models 403, 430, 460, 530, 580, 620

Versatile four-wheel drive tractors are known for their ability to put power to the ground and pull. These tractors are built to handle the toughest jobs while upholding Versatile’s cornerstowns of reliability, durability, and ease of service. Model year 2022 tractors and newer feature more horsepower, along with a new decal, updated features, addition options, and more aggressive appearance emphasized by the the black frame. This combination of power, style, and configurability establishes the 4WD as the modern workhouse with the same dependable qualities that farmers have come to expect from Versatile.

The Exterior.

Versatile tractors are the best pulling machines on the market. The drawbar pull point on the 4-wheel drive is immediately behind the articulation point. This allows for a large-diameter pivot pin (up to 3.15″) for maximum strength, durability, and transfer of power to the ground. The standard drawbar can move from side-to-side or be locked in place.


Cummins remains the exclusive engine supplier across the entire range of Versatile tractors. Cummins is a market leader in horsepower and torque. The second-to-none engine displacement and Cummins VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) produce excellent torque response and pulling power. The X12 engine powers all narrow frame models (405/430/460). Large frame models (530/580/620) feature the Cummins X15.

Cummins X12 – The 11.8L six-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers superior performance using advanced combustion technology.

Cummins X15 – The powerful X15 Cummins engine delivers an impressive 10% power bulge at 2,100 RPM. The engine can achieve up to a 45% torque rise.


Versatile four-wheel drive tractors come complete with a reliable CAT powershift transmission (16F x 4R). Narrow frame models(405/430/460) use the TA19 and the large frame models (530/580/620) feature the TA22.

The improved TA22 powershift transmission includes updated auto-shift parameters (1650-2100RPM) and increased torque ratings. In addition, the clutch capacity has increased resulting in 3% more torque in 3rd gear, 5% more in 4th gear, and full torque availability in 5th gear.

The smooth shifting transmission offers 25mph (40 km/h) road speeds and a large selection of workign range gears for every application. Both transmissions are programmable for auto-shifting and speed matching.

Outboard Planetary Axles

Outboard Planetary Axles – The tradition of building the most reliable axles relies on placing the planetary gear assembly towards the outside of the axle. This outboard planetary delivers available horsepower through large, precision machined floating sun gears. The hubs are suspended on large diameter bearings mounted directly to the axle tubes. The load is supported by the axle housing assembly and not by the drive train components. The outboard planetary is designed to multiply torque while transferring the available power where it matters the most, at the drawbar.

The planetary axles remain on the tractor during routine maintenance, limiting downtime. Daily inspections are easy with a quick visual check of the axle oil level indicators. The gears can be reversed to double the wear life.

3-Point Hitch & Drawbar

3-Point Hitch – The optional 3-point hitch features a lift capacity of 13,152 lb (5,966 kg).

HD Drawbar Support – The fixed heavy-duty drawbar increases the static load capacity to 12,000 lb (5,443 kg) for implements such as grain carts, silage trailers and manure wagons.

Drawbar – The drawbar pull from the center of the tractor maximizes the transfer of power to the ground. This helps increase the pulling capacity and reduce slippage by improving contact with the ground. The standard Category IV drawbar features a vertical load capacity of 9,000 lb (4,082 kg).

Advanced Hydraulics

Versatile four-wheel drives are equipped with a standard 53 gpm (201 L/min) pump or an optional 106 gpm (401 L/min) high flow pump hydraulic system. The closed center load sensing hydraulic system provides ample capacity for implements that demand high hydraulic flow by providing pressure and flow on demand. When no hydraulic power is required, the system goes into low-pressure standby to conserve energy, providing more power at the drawbar.

Controls – Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow can be increased and decreased using the monitor. Hydraulic settings can be displayed on the monitor for quick reference.

Standard Features

  • Centrally located hydraulic connections
  • Six sets of ½”remote couplers
  • Six flow controls
  • 151 L (40 U.S. gal) reservoir
  • One ½” low pressure case drain
  • One set of ¾” low pressure return couplers

Hydraulic Accessories

  • Power Beyond
  • Additional ¾ low pressure couplers (2 additional)
  • Additional case drain (1 additional)
  • High flow hydraulic system – 106 gpm (401 L/min)


Versatile tractors feature easy to understand controls that increase productivity while minimizing the learning curve for new users. This easy to use system can limit the risk of equipment damage, reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. The armrest and molded hand rest provide an ergonomic comfort when operating the tractor. Additional storage space is available under the armrest.

Monitor – The standard 10″ and optional 12″ monitors can support up to two external cameras. The monitors can be programmed to display many tractor settings for quick reference.

Dash Display – A programmable center high-resolution display provides readouts on transmission functions, engine functions, field monitoring and basic tractor functions and calibrations.

Electro-Hydraulic Controls – Hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow can be easily increased and decreased using the monitor.

Powershift Lever – A four-function powershift lever gives you quick control over forward, reverse, up-shift and downshift functions.

Lighting Packages.

Three lighting packages are available to improve night time visibility. The Deluxe and Deluxe Plus lighting packages include LED lights which provide better illumination compared to standard halogen lighting. This results in almost three times more lumens on the Deluxe Package (than the standard), and more than four times the lumens on the Deluxe Plus Package, which includes 21 lights producing more than 45,000 lumens total. These superior lighting systems allow for longer hours, less fatigue, and better visibility. The durability and longer life span of LED lights also help farmers save on the costs associated with replacement bulbs and maintenance.

Find the right lighting for any operation with three different available lighting packages:

Standard – 14 halogen lights, 10,800 lumens

Deluxe – 12 LED and 2 halogen, 30,000 lumens

Deluxe Plus -19 LED and 2 halogen, 47,500 lumens (includes right fender light)

The Interior

Versatile four-wheel drives offer the largest cab in the industry. Stay comfortable and enjoy the panoramic views of the field with 85.9 sq. ft. of window glass. The standard cab features a 10″ monitor, front and rear intermittent wiper-washer system, front sun visor, four 12-volt outlets, four cup holders, and multi-directional vents.

Deluxe Cab – The Deluxe Cab includes a deluxe semi-active cloth seat with training seat. In addition to the standard cab features the Deluxe Cab has a 120-volt AC power outlet, dual rotating beacons, monitor mounting bar, under hood work light and rear sun visor.

Deluxe Pro Cab – Includes everything in the Deluxe Cab package with the addition of an upgraded 12″ monitor and cell phone holder featuring two USB ports.
Leather Seat – A heated ventilated semi-active leather seat and leather steering wheel are available with the Deluxe or Deluxe Pro Cab packages.

Training Seat – The comfortable training seat is available as an option and is included in the Deluxe and Deluxe Pro configurations. The seat has storage underneath and folds down to create a flat surface.

Audio – A conveniently located stereo and high quality sound system make long days in the cab more enjoyable. Satellite radio is available.

Vents – Automatic climate control and large multi-directional vents work together to optimize comfort and create an ideal cab environment.

Convenience – Four cup holders, storage compartments and coat hooks to keep the cab clean and organized.

Cell Phone Holder – The optional cell phone holder is mounted to the monitor bracket and includes two USB ports. (Included with the Deluxe Pro Cab package.)

Cabs are equipped with a 10″ or 12″ touch-screen monitor. New for 2022, the monitors feature a faster response time, intuitive layout of controls, and redesigned user interface that is easy to use. Both monitors can support up to two external cameras and be programed to display many tractor settings for quick reference.

10” – The high-resolution 10” monitor comes standard.

12″ – The 12″ monitor is included with the Deluxe Pro Cab package or available as an option.

New for Model Year 2022: CBX Telematics

Analyze data, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with Versatile CBX. Owners can monitor their tractors remotely with real-time results.

 Information includes where units are, how they are being operated, fuel levels, maintenance alerts and more. Access to this information allows farmers to assess their equipment, plan ahead, and take control of decisions to get the most out of their tractors.

The Versatile CBX system securely shares relevant equipment information. This communication makes it possible for owners and dealers to fully understand issues, be more responsive, and have a clearer picture of machine history. This results in quicker service and solutions - reducing and preventing downtime.

Learn More about CBX