Versatile Service Department

If you need in-field service for your Versatile tractor give our office a call (717) 366-4466.

We are at our phone from 7:00-5:00 Monday – Friday waiting to hear from you. If we don’t answer our phone we give an emergency number for you to contact at that point.

Our service technicians are experienced with the Versatile line-up of Nemesis series, row-crop or MFWD series, 4WD, and DeltaTrack series tractors.

Call Us: 717-366-4466

No matter the year or model

Ag-Com is the place to call when you need help in the field or in the shop with your Versatile tractor. Our service and parts support technicians are standing by to answer your questions and get you or your customer back in the field.

As a stocking Versatile parts dealer, we have the most common parts in stock at our Elizabethtown, PA location. We are always adapting to supply and demand and monitoring our inventory.

We also stock parts for the Genesis model Ford/New Holland tractors as those were built in the same facility that now builds the current lineup of Versatile tractor models.

In the shop…

We service all models of Versatile tractors in our shop. No job is too big whether is be a complete overhaul, a wiring harness replacement, replacing brake parts, splitting the tractor for difficult internal repairs, or a simple oil change. Your Versatile dedicated technicians are standing by to help you out.

In the field…

We also provide in-field support to any and all Versatile tractors. From in-field maintenance to diagnosis and repair we are prepared to handle all of it! Let us help you by giving us a call at (717) 366-4466

In the office…

Our support and parts technicians are covering the phones to keep you supplied with the support and parts you need for your Versatile tractor. We stock thousands of dollars of inventory of the most common parts needed for any Versatile tractor. No matter where you are in the USA- you can count of Ag-Com to supply you with the parts and support you need. (p.s. we’ve even sold parts to and supplied support to folks outside of the United States.

No matter how complex or simple

Our service techinician has over 14 years of experience working on tractors of all makes and models and over 2 years of experience with Versatile tractors. With the full level of support available from Versatile we are equipped to answer any question you may have about your Versatile tractor.

We’ve taken the steps to prepare ourselves for your questions and any problems a Versatile tractor may be giving you. Don’t pull your hair out (you may want it later) give us a call and we will help get that Versatile tractor back in the field.

In the field, the shop, or anywhere between

We provide over-the-phone support to you no matter where you are located. We are standing by our phones to help you. Our service truck is set up to provide in-field support to our local customers (and some not so local). We travel to NJ from our Elizabethtown, PA location to provide service for a fleet of tractors including a Versatile 255 Nemesis, Versatile 310 MFWD or row-crop, and a Versatile 570 DeltaTrack.

Versatile tractor support for all Versatile tractors. From the earliest model built in the ’60’s up to the new tractor that just rolled off the assembly line, we provide service and support for all of them. Versatile tractor models supported include the Nemesis series, MFWD or Row-crop series, 4WD articulated wheeled machines, and the 4 track DeltaTrack tractors. Versatile Nemesis series tractors range in horsepower from 175-255 hp. The MFWD lineup range from 275-365 horsepower. 4WD series Versatile tractors range from 405-620 horsepower and the the DeltaTrack tractors range from 530-620 horsepower.