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Models 175 / 195 / 210

The Versatile Nemesis distills over 50 years of rugged power into a new line of mid-range tractors. Built for everyday work, the tractor is designed to pull heavy implements, perform front end loader applications with ease and much more. The Nemesis is equipped with premium options and excellent features including the largest cab in the segment with 74.05 sq. ft. of viewable window glass. 

Other notable features include an advanced hydraulic system that is easy to understand and a fully adjustable air suspension seat for superior comfort. The three available horsepower ratings are 175 hp, 195 hp, and 210 hp.

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Models: 275 / 295 / 315 / 335 / 365

Versatile has been producing powerful front-wheel assist tractors since 1993. The current generation of MFWD tractors continue the company legacy of rugged and reliable tractors built with pride in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With over 25 years of field0proven performance, the tractors are powered by a Cummins QSL9 engine and smooth-shifting 16 X 9 powershift transmission.

Farmers can also take advantage of the class leading Versatile cab with over 73 sq. ft. of viewable window glass for improved visibility. The five available horsepower rating are 275 hp, 295 hp, 310 hp, 335 hp, and 365 hp. 


MODELS: 405 / 430 / 460 / 520 / 570 / 610

Versatile has been manufacturing high horsepower tractors since 1966. The current generation of Versatile four-wheel-drive tractors are built to be the best pulling machines on the market. Designed for the toughest jobs, the tractors are powered by reliable Cummins engine technology and heavy-duty CAT powershift transmissions that are fully programmable for auto-shifting and speed matching.

The logical and straightforward controls also help increases productivity while minimizing eh learning curve for new users. Choose from a wide range of available narrow frame (405-460) and large from (520-610) four-wheel-drive models.


Models: 520DT / 570DT / 610DT

The Versatile DeltaTrack features the most advanced undercarriage in the industry. Developed in partnership with CAMSO, the undercarriage uses a positive drive system to help reduce wear, friction and heat. Farmers can get more work done with a powerful Cummins X15 engine and heavy-duty CAT TA22 powershift transmission.

More than just power, the largest cab in the industry provides excellent comfort and 85.9 sq. ft. of viewable window glass for improved visibility and reduced operator fatigue. The three available tractor models are 520DT, 570DT, and 610DT.

Verastile FAQ

Where are Versatile tractors made?

Versatile tractors are built by Buhler Industries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “Since Versatile opened more than 50 years ago, the plant on Clarence Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has built over 100,000 tractors. Currently the plant builds fixed-frame front wheel assist tractors from 175 to 365 horsepower and articulated four-wheel drives and DeltaTrack models from 405 to 620, designed on the cornerstones of reliability, durability, and ease of service and maintenance.”

Who makes Versatile tractors?

Versatile tractors are made by Buhler Industries. “Versatile’s corporate headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to a 700,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The location features product specific manufacturing, assembly, engineering, research/development and test site facilities.”

Versatile Tractor Models.

Versatile is currently produces and supports a range of tractors, a combine, a sprayer, precision seed drill and cart, and tillage equipment. The line of tractors includes the DeltaTrack track tractors in (520, 570, 610 pre-2022) 530, 580, and 620 hp. (current). The 4WD models are (380, 405, 430, 460, 520, 570, 610 hp. pre 2022) 405, 430, 460, 530, 580, and 620 with Cummins X12 and X15 engines. MFWD (Manual Front Wheel Assist) tractors come in models of 275, 295, 315, 335, and 365 with a Cummins QSL9 engine. The newest lineup- Nemesis tractors are currently include a 175, 195, and 210 hp. tractor models.

A portion of this text comes from Buhler Industries website: buhlerindustries.com/pages/brands

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