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Specializing in the diagnostics and repair of diesel engines and diesel powered equipment.

Ag-Com, based in Elizabethtown, PA, is a full-service, sales and parts dealer for Versatile ag tractors, McHale hay equipment, Ag Leader guidance systems, Jaltest diagnostic tooling, and more.

Located conveniently off 743 and 283 we are in a great position to be able to help you.

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Diesel Engine Service & Repair

Our trained and experienced mechanics quickly diagnose issues with engines and machines. Part of our services include engine diagnostics, rebuilds, service, parts, replacements, and component calibrations.

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We are equipped to handle and diagnostics for all makes and models of most any tractor on the market. We use Jaltest Diagnostics software and we are able to troubleshoot, diagnose and perform tasks at dealer level.

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Versatile Service & Sales

Ag-Com is your local Versatile tractor sales and service dealer based in Elizabethtown. Our technicians are skilled and trained to better equip us to handle all Versatile sales, service, and parts requests.

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McHale Service & Sales

As a dealer for McHale products, our team understands and supports their balers, mowers, bale wrappers, and all the products offered by McHale. Our team of technicians are able to provide dealer level service, parts, sales, and diagnostics to all McHale models.

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Ag Leader

Ag Leader is a guidance system focused on precision for agricultural applications. Ag Leader products and solutions integrate your entire farm, year-round. Seamlessly connecting all equipment and tasks to save you time.

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Jaltest by Cojali

Since the very beginning we have used and supported Jaltest diagnostic tooling. We use this technology in our very own shop as well as selling and servicing units to local (and some not so local) shops.

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Versatile Parts

Looking for parts for your new Versatile tractor, Ford New Holland Genesis Series, or your older Versatile farm machinery? Look no further, we are a stocking dealer for Versatile parts for all machines manufactured by Buhler/Versatile.

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McHale Parts

McHale hay equipment parts books? Look no further for parts for you McHale baler, mowers, rakes, and other McHale hay handling equipment. Ag-Com is your local parts dealer for anything McHale. We stock parts at our location in Elizabethtown, PA and have access to all the parts available.

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Viscosity Oil

VISCOSITY offers a line of premium products formulated to take care of your equipment. That is why VISCOSITY leverages a world-renowned R&D laboratory that tests and develops the most advanced formulas with the highest quality standards of the lubricants industry.

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We are a dealer for Viscosity oils and Donaldson filters. Talk to one of our experienced salesmen today to find out more about supplying you with the best oil and filters on the market. We also stock Versatile, McHale, AgLeader, and Jaltest parts and components along with a variety of other common parts for a wide selection of equipment.

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Ag-Com was founded in 2019 as an independent diagnostic & repair shop. We quickly realized the demand for the small town ag & industrial service facility in the area. Local farmers had no where other than the big tractor dealerships to go to for diagnostics and large repairs. 

Not long after Ag-Com was founded, we purchased our Jaltest diagnostics equipment and were immediately able to provide the diagnostics of any tractor, regardless of year, make, or model. With 11+ years of experience in the shop, Ag-Com grew quickly. 

In the year 2020, we explored Versatile tractors. Not long after, we became a dealer for Versatile. McHale balers, mowers, and hay equipment were not far behind. 

Today, our shop focuses on service as a priority. Along with the best service we can provide parts for many different makes and models as well as diagnostics and repairs. We are a dealer for Versatile, McHale, Ag Leader, Jaltest, and Viscosity (oils).

Give us a call today, and allow us the opportunity to serve you.