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Ag-Com is a full line, Parts, Sales, & Service Dealer for Versatile, McHale, & Schulte and we are also a stocking parts dealer for Martin Welding, Ag Leader, Viscosity Oils, Donaldson Filtration, & Jaltest Diagnostics.

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At Ag-Com, we get it! We understand your day to day operation is determined by the weather, When the sun shines, you need to be in the field. Having equipment that works when you need it is not an option, it is of paramount importance.

That is why our service department is dedicated to keeping your machine in top shape through maintenance programs, and why, when things do go south, we are here (or there) and ready to assist in getting you back to field.

Diesel Engine Service & Repair

Our team of dedicated, and experienced mechanics is here to get you back in the field as quickly as possible. Whether you need a quick oil change, or a component rebuild, we are standing by to give you our best!

In House Service

Field Service

Our service truck is available for on-site and field service calls. Our service technician comes prepared for all possible scenarios, and will work to resolve your problem in a timely manner to get you back in the field as soon as possible.

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Versatile Service & Sales

Reliable, Operator friendly Versatile tractors!

Are you looking to add a quality tractor to your operation? Do you need Service for your existing Versatile, or New Holland Genesis tractor?

Call us Today, to see what we can do for You!   

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McHale Service & Sales

 Your center for all things McHale! Are you looking to add a new piece of Hay equipment to your fleet? Do you need a hand getting your machine ready for the field? No matter what the need, we are standing by to help. Call Now, and let us support your operation. 717-366-4466

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Ag Leader

Ag Leader is a guidance system focused on precision for agricultural applications. Ag Leader products and solutions integrate your entire farm, year-round. Seamlessly connecting all equipment and tasks to save you time.

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Jaltest by Cojali

Ag tractors and implements, Off-Highway Construction equipment, Commercial and Light Duty vehicles, Material Handling Equipment, and more. Jaltest is an all compensating diagnostic tool for your shop. We have relied on Jaltest, they can help you to.

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 Our parts department has been busy sending parts to customers all over the United States. With customers from Coast to Coast, we have developed great relationships with our suppliers that allow us to serve you no matter what State you call home! Need a Part NOW? Let’s talk about a Vendor direct Drop-Ship so you can have your parts FAST!

 Prefer Aftermarket parts? We have great connections in that line as well, with multiple vendors to choose from, we “got your back”!

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Versatile Parts

Looking for parts for your new Versatile tractor, Ford New Holland Genesis Series, or your older Versatile farm machinery? Look no further, we are a stocking dealer for Versatile parts for all machines manufactured by Buhler/Versatile.

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McHale Parts

Looking for OEM parts? Need Parts TODAY? We stock a wide range of parts for all McHale equipment. Need parts delivered? Call Now, and see how we can get you back in the field!

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Martin Welding Parts

 Martin Welding is a supplier and manufacturer of aftermarket GEA Houle replacement parts. Give us a call or browse the parts book to find the parts you need. Our parts technicians are standing by to help get you back in the field with Affordable High Quality parts. Ask us about Martin Welding.

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Viscosity Oil

VISCOSITY offers a line of premium products formulated to take care of your equipment. That is why VISCOSITY leverages a world-renowned R&D laboratory that tests and develops the most advanced formulas with the highest quality standards of the lubricants industry.

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We are a dealer for Viscosity oils and Donaldson filters. Talk to one of our experienced salesmen today to find out more about supplying you with the best oil and filters on the market. We also stock Versatile, McHale, AgLeader, and Jaltest parts and components along with a variety of other common parts for a wide selection of equipment.

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About Ag-Com

Ag-Com was founded in October 2019, as an independent repair shop to serve the local farming community. Our Focus was general Ag equipment repair service on the road, and in the shop on the family home farm. With Austin’s 11 years of experience as a mechanic, the business grew rapidly. As we grew we started to look around for a Farmer Friendly tractor to offer, and in 2020 we became a full line Versatile dealer. The following year we were offered dealerships for McHale, and Esch Hay Equipment which we gratefully added to our line.

Today, our focus has not changed. Service is still our priority, for all makes and models. Yes we have grown and expanded our line of offerings, but the core belief that motivates us forward, is and always will be SERVICE.

Give us a call today, and allow us the opportunity to serve you.