“Built to last on the world’s most rugged terrain.”

Round Balers

McHale Round Balers range includes the integrated baler wrapper Fusion models, the fixed chamber “F” models and the variable chamber “V” models.

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The mower range from McHale can be configured to meet your needs. With the single or double rear mowers and the front section mower, you can mow up to a 32′ swath in one pass.

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Bale Wrappers

McHale produces round and square bale wrappers to fully meet your needs. Our round bale wrappers can be used in the field or as a stationery bale wrapper in any location.

Hay Rakes

Hay Rakes from McHale have been recently released in the US market. They come in two configurations the R62-72 and the R68-78.

Handling Equipment

Hay handling equipment comes in the form of either a bale “grabber”, bale spears with covers to be able to handle wrapped bales, or a 3-point bale splitter.


McHale designed and produced bale and silage processors to allow you to feed a round bale or silage right to your livestock.

McHale Balers & Integrated Baler Wrappers

McHale balers come in a couple different categories: fixed chamber balers, variable chamber balers, and integrated baler wrappers or McHale Fusion balers as they are named.

Fusion Balers

McHale Fusion balers are a baler and integrated wrapper in one unit. Pick from a fixed chamber or variable chamber as wells as net on film or film on film.

Fixed Chamber Balers

The McHale fixed chamber balers are offered in chopper and non-chopper configurations as well as net wrap or film wrap. The Mchale F5000 series fixed chamber balers make a round bale that is 4 foot 2 inches by 4 foot one inch. (4’2″x4’1″)

Variable Chamber Baler

McHale Variable Chamber balers are offered in four different configurations: the V6 chopper and non-chopper balers and the V8 chipper and non-chopper balers.

McHale Balers


McHale offers three configurations in its PRO GLIDE Mower Range. The F3100 Front Mower is designed to place the center of gravity as close to the tractor as possible resulting in unrivaled responsiveness to changes in ground conditions. The R3100 Rear Mower is fitted with patented ground adaption technology delivering 3D ground tracking. To achieve maximum performance and output McHale combined the F3100 and the R3100 to deliver a heavy duty design and build for larger farms and contractors.

McHale mowers

Bale Wrappers

McHale bale wrapper 991B is recognized worldwide for its performance and reliability and is the number one choice for professional contractors and farmers. McHale offers three models in its 991B round bale wrapper range for wrapping round bales up to 5′ 11″ in diameter or up to 5′ in width.

The 991 High Speed comes as standard with 2 x 750mm dispensers applying two layers of 750mm film to the bale at 50% overlap, cutting wrapping time in half.

The Mchale Orbital is a high speed bale wrapper that can wrap bales from 3′ 3″ up to 4′ 9″.

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Bale Handling Range

The McHale hay equipment handling range covers the two styles of bale grabbers or bale handlers and the McHale 994 round bale splitter. All three options have their place filling certain tasks.

The McHale 691 Round Bale Handler can be used as a bale spear or slide the covers over the spikes and you can use it handle wrapped bales without worrying about tearing the bale wrap.

The McHale R5 Round Bale Handler. A simple, straight-forward bale grabber can be used to handle wrapped or unwrapped bales with ease.

The McHale 994 Round Bale Splitter handles bales without difficulty and the splitter can cut even a hard-packed round bale in two pieces.

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What is McHale?

McHale is a family run business, which was established by brothers Padraic and Martin McHale. Over the last 30 years they have developed a range of specialist farm machinery focusing on balers and bale wrappers for the production of round and square baled silage, and round bales of hay and straw.

In the early years McHale specialised in the production of round and square bale wrappers. In 2002, McHale entered the baler wrapper market with the introduction of the Fusion Integrated Baler Wrapper. From 2004, McHale developed the F5 Round Baler Range, which consists of three fixed chamber balers. The F5400 non-chopper baler, the F5500 15 knife chopper baler and the F5600 fully automatic 25 knife chopper baler. In 2012, McHale developed their range of Straw Blowers & Bale Feeders consisting of three models; C360, C460 and C460 L. Most recently, McHale have entered into the mower market with the introduction of the McHale Pro Glide Range of Mowers for farmers and contractors. The McHale Pro Glide F3100 front mower, the McHale Pro Glide R3100 rear mower and the McHale B9000 Combination mower make up this range.

Over 90% of McHale machines produced are destined for the export market. McHale balers and bale wrappers can be seen working in over 50 countries around the world.

McHale research, design and test their specialist balers and bale wrappers in line with end user requirements. During the design and development stage all machines go through rigorous testing with high end users, namely Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Scandinavian and New Zealand farmers and contractors. McHale’s headquarters is located in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo where 250 people are employed with 10% of the workforce involved in Research & Development.

After testing is complete McHale use the latest in laser and robotic technology in the production of its specialist baler and balewrapper range. Manufacturing takes place at two purpose built factories in Ireland and Hungary, which operate to strict quality checks. One key feature at the production stage is that there is complete traceability of all components used and every machine is tested, run and calibrated before they leave the McHale factory.

All manufacturing conforms to the strictest quality checks and all balers and bale wrappers are produced to ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation.