5000-8000 Gallon 3 Axle Manure Tankers

9500-12,500 Gallon 4 Axle Manure Tankers


Built For the Serious Operator

 Jembrook Manure Tanks are the toughest and most rugged built spreaders in the industry.  Jembrook Manufacturing took what they learned from repairing other manufacturers tanks, and combined their knowledge of the typical spreaders weak points, to engineer the most durable tank spreader built to date.

  • Trailing Steering Design with Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Hydraulic Brakes from the Mining & Off Highway segment of Europe
  • 6″ Spindles with 30,000lb. rated Hubs
  • Grease  Banks for ease of maintenance with optional Auto Grease!
  • Swing Open Pump Housing for Easy Access
  • Large 30.5 X32 Tires as Standard, provide floatation and easy rolling
  • Smaller 28L-26 Tires are available upon request
  • Optional Fenders & Mudflaps
  • and more…!

Rugged, Reliable, & Easy Rolling, Jembrook is making headlines!

HD Steering Pins

 3″ Hardened Chrome Steering Pins to guarantee a smooth turn, and steady travel at full speed, giving you the peace of mind that your wheels are tracking true!

Extreme Duty Brakes

 Utilizing the Largest Calipers in the Mining & Off-Highway industry, the Hydraulic Brakes on a Jembrook tank are guaranteed to stop you!

Massive brake pads provide superior stopping power without creating excessive heat and can last up to 2 years without needing replacement.

Reliable Steering

The hydraulic trailing steering on a Jembrook tank provides a smooth even turning experience even at high speeds without sensors and electronics to give you headaches!

 Forgot to turn your steering on? By its very design, the trailing steering will follow the tractor around the turn. While it will not turn as easily as with the steering engaged, it will follow you, and keep you upright, and on the road!

Why Choose Jembrook?

Jembrook Manure Spreaders are built much better then the leading competition. Check out the comparisons below to see what we mean!

Steering Box Thrust Bearings

Jembrook uses a Roller style thrust bearing to support the weight of the tank full of manure! By design, roller bearings are capable of carrying 2X the weight of a ball bearing! Combine the sheer size of Jembrook’s choice of bearing, with the load rating characteristics of the roller bearing, and you have a recipe for success!

Brake Pads

 Superior braking force, while reducing heat = better braking!

The MASSIVE brake pads used by Jembrook offer 4X the surface area, of the competition giving you the stopping power of drum brakes, without the added cost, and maintenance.


Wheel Bearings

 With a 6″ spindle welded to the steering box to eliminate play, and a 25,000lb hub using massive 4.5″ ID tapered roller bearings (inner & outer) on each wheel the Jembrook offers and easy rolling tank that will take the strain of the load!

 Whether you are traveling the road at max speed, or bouncing through a rough spot, you can rest assured the wheels are going to keep going around.